Educational Sponsorship Agreement signed

Educational Sponsorship Agreement signed

An important milestone was reached today to ensure the availability of qualified specialists for the implementation and operation of HYRASIA ONE. The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the SVEVIND Energy Group and HYRASIA Energy, Dr. Peter Bernhard, the President of the German-Kazakh-University (DKU) and Dr. Prof. Wolrad Rommel and the president of the Yessenov University Akhmetov Berik Bakytzhanovich signed a sponsorship agreement over 30.000 Euro.

These financial resources are intended to support the start-up of the study program at the Mangystau School of Sustainable Engineering. The bachelor’s and master’s courses in the areas of “Logistics” and “Energy and Environmental Engineering” will start in the coming academic year. This programms will support the industrial and social development of the Mangystau region.

The new institute in Aktau will educate young professionals to work in the renewable energies sector to enable the construction and commissioning of industrial projects such as HYRASIA ONE.

„The Mangystau School of Sustainable Engineering will play an important role in the story of HYRASIA ONE. Having high qualified specialists educated in the region will ensure the success of our project.“, says CTO Dr. Peter Bernhardt. He adds, that the SVEVIND Energy Group is working on a deeper cooperation with the universities, with a special focus on project-related research work.

All Pictures ©SVEVIND Energy Group / Issa Tazhenbayev

In Kazakhstan, HYRASIA ONE is planning one of the five largest green hydrogen production plants currently under development globally. The giant wind-solar-hydrogen plant is expected to produce up to two million tonnes of hydrogen per year in the Mangystau region, starting in 2032. HYRASIA ONE is a company in the SVEVIND Energy Group, a European renewable energy project developer headquartered in Dresden, Germany. The group also plans, develops and markets onshore wind energy and photovoltaic projects. In northern Sweden, SVEVIND is currently developing and implementing Europe’s largest onshore wind farm cluster, the MARKBYGDEN 1101 project. Currently, 1,700 megawatts are already in operation. Markbygden 1101 is expected to have a capacity of 3.6 gigawatts when completed in 2026. This will be capable of providing around 8% of Sweden’s electrical energy supply.