Green energy for the energy transition and decarbonization of industry

HYRASIA ONE, a subsidiary of the European cleantech group SVEVIND Energy Group, is developing one of the world’s largest industrial plants for the production of pure green hydrogen in Kazakhstan. HYRASIA ONE is creating a wind-solar-hydrogen plant in Central Asia that will produce up to 2 million tonnes of green hydrogen or 11 million tonnes of green ammonia per year.

For this purpose, millions of solar panels and thousands of wind turbines will be installed in the vast steppes of southwestern Kazakhstan, which together can generate about 40 gigawatts of renewable electricity. This energy from the wind and sun will then be transported close to the Kazakh coastal city of Kuryk to produce green hydrogen via water electrolysis – through what is known as “power-to-gas.” The electrolyzers have a total capacity of 20 GW and can supply hydrogen on an industrial scale. The hydrogen will then be converted into ammonia via synthesis plants.

The lighthouse project is in the concrete development phase. In October 2022, HYRASIA ONE signed the Investment Agreement with the Kazakh government. On the basis of this investment agreement, HYRASIA ONE can now press ahead with concrete negotiations with co-investors, customers and plant suppliers, thus laying the foundations for the subsequent marketing of the green hydrogen. In the summer of 2022, the first project development phase was successfully completed with the completion of the concept design study, which was prepared in cooperation with the consulting firms ILF Consulting Engineers and Roland Berger Management Consultants. In the next step, comprehensive environmental impact studies will be carried out on site. Hydrogen production in the Mangystau region of Kazakhstan is scheduled to start in 2030 and reach full capacity from 2032.

The climate transition needs hydrogen. Lots of hydrogen. HYRASIA ONE will supply it.

Massively expanding the use of hydrogen is a central pillar for global decarbonization. This is because green hydrogen, which is produced using only renewable electricity and water, is particularly suitable for replacing fuels such as natural gas in energy-intensive industries. At the same time, it can also be used by vehicles in the transport industry or by the heating market – thus ensuring a climate-neutral supply in those sectors as well.

In purely mathematical terms, HYRASIA ONE could supply two million metric tonnes of green hydrogen, one fifth of the amount that the EU will have to import in 2030.

The study “Global Hydrogen Flows”, jointly published by the Hydrogen Council and McKinsey in October 2022, shows that clean hydrogen could provide more than one fifth of the CO2 savings needed on the path to global climate neutrality by 2050. The use of hydrogen makes it possible to reduce global CO2 emissions by a total of 80 gigatonnes by 2050! However, the study also points out that certain regions will have to import a significant portion of the hydrogen. In addition to Japan and South Korea, the most significant of these is the EU. The study predicts that the cost of hydrogen in regions where production is very expensive will be five times higher than in areas that can produce H2 particularly cheaply. This means that many industrialized countries, such as Japan, South Korea and the EU, will need to import large quantities of cheaper hydrogen in addition to domestic production in order to supply their industries and households with affordable energy.

This is also reflected in the EU hydrogen strategy, which combines domestic production and hydrogen imports from third countries. For example, REPowerEU, the EU programme to decouple Russian energy imports, published in spring 2022, formulates the goal of producing 10 million tonnes of green hydrogen in the EU by 2030 and importing another 10 million tonnes.

“HYRASIA ONE will put Kazakhstan on the map of reliable suppliers of green energy carriers.”

Wolfgang Kropp

CEO, SVEVIND Energy Group

At home in Europe and Kazakhstan

HYRASIA ONE is a subsidiary of SVEVIND Energy Group, a European project developer with more than 30 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. The group, founded by Wolfgang Kropp and headquartered in Dresden, Germany, also plans, develops and markets onshore wind power and photovoltaic projects. In northern Sweden, SVEVIND is currently developing Europe’s largest onshore wind farm in the MARKBYGDEN 1101 project: it is scheduled for completion in 2026 and will have a capacity of 3.4 gigawatts. This will meet about 8 per cent of Sweden’s electricity needs and will replace power generation from aging nuclear power plants there. Currently (October 2022), wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,700 MW are already in operation.

Ideal location in the Kazakh steppe - green energy for sustainable industries

The conditions for electricity and hydrogen production are optimal in the Kazakh Steppe. There are large uninhabited areas here. In the extensive steppe areas and high plateaus, a strong and constant wind blows all year round. Solar irradiance is much more intense than in Central Europe, for example. In addition, Kazakhstan is ideally positioned to play a central role in the future global hydrogen markets – because the Central Asian country lies between the major markets in the EU and the large industrialized nations in East Asia.

The lighthouse project takes advantage of the ideal geographical conditions in Kazakhstan. HYRASIA ONE uses high-end technology for these plants, which is highly efficient, robust, and durable. The hydrogen produced using wind and solar energy can then be transported either directly or in the form of ammonia to markets where the green energy is urgently needed. Alternatively, the hydrogen produced by HYRASIA ONE can be used locally in Kazakhstan to manufacture high-quality green, sustainably produced products such as steel, aluminum, fertilizer or cement.

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